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Data retention

1/2/3/4 years of data - this is the duration of data retention.

To summarize we retain a snapshot of your historical data for easy comparison against current performance, without having to re-run imports. The information is stored in our data lake because many of the platform's APIs do not respond quickly enough for real-time requests.

For example you're compiling a report on advertising. Ad platforms APIs are slow. So to expedite the process, instead of fetching fresh data for each request, we temporarily store it in a cache. The stored data is kept for a duration of one or more years.

This detail is crucial when preparing a report that spans beyond a year. In such cases, please reach out to us, and we will extend the storage period to three years.

Data retention follows a rolling principle:

If you buy the 2 years of data for example we are in 2024:

In Y2024 you account stores data: Y2024
In Y2025 you account stores data: Y2024 and partially Y2025
In Y2026 you account stores data: Y2024 and Y2025 and partially Y2026
In Y2027 you account stores data: Y2025 and Y2026 and partially Y2027

It's also important to mention that when the data source is disconnected, any cached data is promptly deleted.
You have the option to request a complete archive of your data prior to the expiration of the retention period.

Updated on: 06/04/2024

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