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How to fix Google Drive refused to connect

It may happen that you open an add-on in Google Sheets and immediately crashes with a message saying Refused to Connect.
This is a known issue in Google Sheets and it likely happens when a user is logged into multiple Google accounts in the same Google Sheet.

Fix - Google Drive Refused Connection

If your default Google account is not the one that is associated with the Google add-on, the sidebar of the Google add-on may display a grey screen with the message refused to connect.

On your computer, open the Google Chrome browser.
At the top right, click the 3-dot vertical menu and then choose New Incognito Window.
A new window appears.
Now open the same Google Sheet and sign in with your default Google account.

Logout of Multiple Google Accounts​

Alternatively, you may visit to immediately sign-out of multiple Google accounts. The error is displayed due to permission conflict between Google user accounts inside Google Sheets and Google Forms.

If you are still facing any issue with Google Drive refusing to connect, please contact support.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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