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Using Conduit for Financial Analysis


In this use case, we'll explore the capabilities of Conduit for financial analysis, particularly focusing on transactions and expenditure data.

P&L Report

Our goal is to conduct a financial analysis by creating a basic Profit & Loss report. For this example, we'll use the following table, as our primary dataset. This table stores some financial data, related to real estate management

2023-08-012023Oakwood ManorHOA250Oakwood HOAMonthly dues
2023-08-052023Maple GardensInsurance150HomeGuard InsuranceProperty Insurance
2023-08-102023Elm HeightsMgmt Fee300Elite Property MgmtManagement Services
2023-08-152023Pine RidgeRent1200Pine Ridge RentalsMonthly Rent
2023-09-012023Cedar ResidencesHOA220Cedar Residences HOAMonthly dues
2023-09-052023Birch TowersInsurance180TowerGuard InsuranceProperty Insurance
2023-09-102023Willow EstatesMgmt Fee350Willow Property MgmtManagement Services

Also, we’d like to transform the data output into the following format:
Categories as rows
Years as columns (each year represented in a separate column)

Now, let’s craft a prompt for doing so:

Please create a P&L. Please create a separate row for each category of transactions. Create a column for each Year.

Now let's run the prompt and view the results:

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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