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Conduit Copilot vs. ChatGPT – What's The Difference?

ChatGPT itself is a multi-purpose LLM designed for general conversation and text generation. While Conduit relies on the ChatGPT API solution, it stands as a specialized tool tailored for business needs by integrating with various business applications and offering the functionality for data automation and analysis.

What Can a Copilot Do for You?

Copilot is built for the analysis of numerical data from business apps and sheets. You can use it for forecasting, monitoring ad and sales performance, budget analysis, and many many more

Privacy & Data Sharing

We understand the importance of data privacy for business users and we got this covered.

We utilize an in-house algorithm, that allows Conduit to avoid sharing any actual user data with OpenAI
We rely on the enterprise-level solution by OpenAI to ensure, that no data is being used for training LLM’s

Comparison Chart

FeatureConduit CopilotRegular ChatGPT
Data PrivacyDoesn’t share data externallyShares data with OpenAI
Integrates with Business Apps
Automation Capabilities
General Conversation

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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