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Tips On Tuning The Copilot's Replies

Sometimes, the Copilot may struggle with identifying particular data within the spreadsheets or the connected data sources. To address such issues, you can supply the Copilot with contextual hints and there would be two ways of doing so. Let’s dive deeper into this.

Fine-tuning the prompt to Copilot

The first way would be to include the additional details in your prompt for the AI. Below is the example spreadsheet, which contains the agency’s partner’s data and comprises the following columns

Partner namePartner TypePartner Account ManagerSales ManagerStatus
Innovate SolutionsResellerJohn DoeJane SmithActive
TechConnectorsAgencySarah JohnsonMike WilliamsPending
DataInnovationsIntegrationAlex TurnerEmily DavisIn Progress
Digital DynamicsResellerMark AndersonJessica BrownActive
CloudTech AllianceAgencyLaura MillerBrian TaylorLost

Example 1

Let’s imagine we want to use the abbreviation PAM (*partner account manager) in our prompt for the AI and our prompt looks something like this:

Who is the PAM for Open AI?

In this scenario, the Copilot may lack the understanding what’s the meaning of PAM and, hence, will fail to provide the correct reply to this question

Let’s try modifying this query so that the AI would have an additional context:

a. Who is the Partner Account Manager for Open AI?
b. Who is the PAM for Open AI? (PAM = Partner Account Manager)
c. Who is the Partner Account Manager for partner Open AI?

Example 2

In this example, we want to pull the partner account manager for the company called ‘X X Corp Inc.’
Who is the partner account manager for X?

In this scenario, Copilot may struggle with matching ‘X’ with the companies listed in our source data sheet. Let’s modify our prompt, by adding some contextual hint

Who is the partner account manager for X? (Partial names accepted)

Example 3

In this example, we want to pull what projects one of the partner managers (Nick) handles

What does Nick handle?

In the scenario, the Copilot may respond with the request for additional clarifications, regarding Nick. Let’s modify the original prompt, adding the contextual hint:

What partners does partner account manager Nick handle?

Example 4

It's important to remember that it relies on data from your apps and tables. The AI's responses are only as good as the information you provide. To make the most of Copilot, ask specific, data-focused questions

Let’s say we want the AI to pull the data, related to Facebook Ads, using this query

How good are my Facebook Ads?

As you can see, this query lacks the details and the AI fails to respond with a quality reply

Now, let's try this one
Retrieve the click-through rate (CTR) data from my Facebook Ads campaign, targeting the US. Please break it down by months

Configuring custom instructions

You can make your contextual hints persistent, by adding them to the 'Instructions' section on the Copilot chat tab. Just click on this button and enter your custom contextual hints

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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