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Conduit integration for Bigcommerce

Open Conduit:
Log in to your Conduit account and navigate to the main dashboard.

Access Connections:
In the Conduit dashboard, locate and click on the "Connections" tab.

Select BigCommerce:
In the list of available integrations, find "BigCommerce" and click on it.

Enter API Token:
You will be prompted to input your BigCommerce API token. Go to your BigCommerce account and generate an API token with the necessary permissions.

Provide Store Name:
Additionally, input your BigCommerce store name accurately.

Authorize Access:
Once you've filled in the API token and store name, click "Authorize" to establish a secure connection between Conduit and your BigCommerce store.

After successful authorization, you'll receive a confirmation message indicating the successful connection.

Now you're connected and ready to integrate your BigCommerce data seamlessly with Conduit!

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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