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GA4 Integration Notes

Conduit offers two types of integrations with Google Analytics 4

GA4 Predefined for E-commerce
GA4 Custom

We provide multiple versions due to significant limitations in the GA4 API, which restricts reports to a maximum of nine dimensions and metrics each.

GA4 Predefined for E-commerce

This GA4 integration includes the following set of dimensions and metrics

AccountAdd to Carts
Campaign IDBounce Rate
Campaign NameCheckouts
DateE-commerce Purchases
DeviceEngagement Rate
MediumPublisher Ad Clicks
Operating SystemPublisher Ad Impressions
PropertyPublisher Revenue
Transaction ID---

However, if you require different data points, you should opt for the GA4 Custom integration.

GA4 Custom

When you connect GA4 Custom, the UI features a search bar, allowing you to select any dimensions and metrics you need, with the limitation of no more than nine per report.

We also suggest naming the integration to clearly indicate which dimensions are included in the report. Additionally, you can connect multiple integrations, each tailored with its own unique set of dimensions and metrics.

GA4 has a drawback where the names of dimensions and metrics aren't displayed in the user interface. As a result, within the Imports interface, you'll encounter generic labels like "Dimension 1", "Dimension 2", and so forth. Additionally, if you do not utilize all 10 dimensions, you'll notice empty columns for the unused dimensions. However, this does not impact the quality of the data.

We plan to address these issues in upcoming versions. In the meantime, there's a workaround: when using Workflows, you can rename columns through the Report building block.

Please be aware that certain fields may be accessible in the GA4 UI but not available through the API. If you encounter any such fields, kindly notify us by sending a note.

Updated on: 30/04/2024

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