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Instagram Integration


To access the Instagram API, you need to fulfill two requirements set by Facebook:

Your Instagram account must be a Professional account.
This Instagram Professional account must be linked to a Facebook Page.

To address the problem, please follow the instructions provided in the guide created by Instagram:

Please be aware that purchasing advertising on Facebook does not automatically satisfy these conditions.

How do I know if my Instagram account is Professional?

To verify that your Instagram account is set to Professional, point your browser to:{your_instgram_account_name}/

Normally, you should be able to view and access this section:

Then, point your mouse to the Professional Account section

How do I know, that my account is connected to a Facebook Page?

To verify that your Instagram is linked to your Facebook Business Page, please follow the steps below:

Point your browser to your business Facebook account.

Now, let's check if the page is set to the business page

Check the linked accounts, by pointing your browser to the Professional Dashboard

The linked accounts should be accessible from this tab

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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