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Self-service and Manual integrations

We provide two tiers of data source integration:
full self-service and one-off scripts.

Full self-service integrations allow users to connect their data sources without us, typically facilitated by APIs. We've dedicated substantial engineering efforts to streamline the onboarding process, often as simple as a few clicks.

However, for certain data sources, we offer one-off scripts, wherein we manage the integration process ourselves. This decision may stem from various factors; sometimes, it's due to pending investment decisions regarding supporting the given service, while in other cases, it's because the data source lacks an API, necessitating scraping.

Data sources falling under this category are labeled as "beta" within our UI.

As onboarding such sources entails manual operations from our team, the operational costs are significant. Therefore, we require users to commit to an annual contract, starting at $100/month, to cover these expenses.

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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