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Time range in formulas

Every REPORT and METRIC formula has a time range. In order to guarantee high speed of processing the time range has a limit. By default the limit is 30 days. You can change it.

There are two ways to define a time range for the formula:

Direct parameters of the formulas
Set a time range for the workflow

The first approach is better for the “production” spreadsheets. The second approach is better for prototyping, because you don’t waste your time on entering these parameters.

Direct parameters of the formulas

Just enter a start date and a number of days.

Time range for the workflow

If a formula has no parameters "start_date" and "days", Conduit uses the start date from the tool bar in the Workflow window.

How to change the limit

You can change the limit in the Setting window for a specific Pull data building block.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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