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Writing data to spreadsheets: Overwrite and Update

Conduit offers two distinct methods for writing data to spreadsheets: Overwrite and Update.

Overwrite Method:
In this approach, Conduit clears all existing content within the spreadsheet before writing new data. This method is straightforward but removes any previous information.

Update Method:
This method preserves existing data, appending new rows at the spreadsheet's end. It's particularly useful for adding more columns and applying specific formatting without losing existing data.

To manage data updates efficiently, Conduit introduces a unique column, the RowUpdateId, placed at the table's extreme right. This column is essential for tracking whether a row has already been included in the spreadsheet. In Update mode, the presence of the RowUpdateId column is mandatory. Absence of this column triggers an error:

"The RowUpdateId column is missing. Please ensure this column is not removed from the spreadsheet."

Upon encountering this error, there are two solutions:
Export the data to a new, empty spreadsheet. Conduit will automatically generate the RowUpdateId column.
Manually add the RowUpdateId column. Note, this option may lead to duplicates if the spreadsheet already contains data.

You can hide RowUpdateId.

Updated on: 31/03/2024

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